Event Fogging : Preventing Pesky Party Crashers

We know how hard you work to put together that perfect event. If your wedding day is coming up and you’ve designed a beautiful outdoor setup, complete with your dream décor, carefully chosen flowers, and a painstakingly organized seating plan for the reception, the last thing you need is a swarm of hungry mosquitoes swooping down to ruin the romance for your loved ones and, worst of all, the bride. That’s why Mosquito Mist has designed a clever, portable event fogging service to ensure that not a single mosquito will be invited to your big day.

Why Mosquito Mist is The Best Option in Florida

Mosquito Mist is a great option for the Gulf Coast because it is an affordable and effective way to keep mosquitoes away. Mosquito Mist systems are designed to work with your existing landscape and can be used in both residential and commercial settings. Mosquito Mist releases a fine, invisible fog that quickly eliminates mosquitoes in the treated area.

Benefits of Using Mosquito Misting Systems in Florida

When it comes to mosquito control, many people in the Gulf Coast region of Florida turn to Mosquito Mist. It is a great way to keep mosquitoes at bay, and there are many benefits to using it. Here are just a few of the benefits of using mosquito mist:

1. It’s an effective way to keep mosquitoes away.

Mosquito mist systems release a fine mist of our non-toxic mosquito repellant into the air. This provides quick and effective relief from these pesky pests.

2. It’s safe for humans and pets.

When used as directed, mosquito mist systems are safe for humans and pets. The repellant used in these systems is also organic, so it won’t harm the environment either.

3. It’s easy to use.

Mosquito mist systems are automatic. All you need to do is request a consultation and one of our experts will work with you to find a quality solution that meets your personal needs. Once it’s installed, Mosquito Mist will emit a spray 2-4 times a day for 15-30 seconds, and we can discuss what timings would work best for you and your family.