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When it comes to Residential Home Pest Control Services here in the Greenville SC area, reputation, experience and training are everything when it comes to fast and effective Pest Control Services. For over 17 years Procore Pest Control has been providing unsurpassed Pest Control Services to homeowners in the Greenville SC area.

Unless they are radioactive and can give you superpowers, nobody wants uninvited guests including ants and spiders in their home.  Spiders have black eyes and creepy legs, leave their webs where we can walk into them, and if movies and television are to be believed, they will eat us if given half a chance. While there are very few spider species that can cause you harm, there are still a couple of dangerous species to watch out for.  Despite the fact that you could find spiders every day if you looked for them, no other species are necessarily dangerous. 

There are some varieties that are good for your garden, however. They set traps for other insects and prevent them from causing damage. Despite this, you certainly don’t want them crawling around your house.  Procore Pest Control can help with your spider problem by spraying the outside of your home with a specially formulated product to create a barrier against pest. We will de-web eaves and windows to. Once the webs are gone, the spiders are less likely to return. Spiders are fairly simple to remove. Procore Pest Control can also help identify the pests so you know what you are dealing with and to make sure there aren’t any additional concerns.

Greenville SC Termite Control Services

Termite Control Services.  No one wants to hear the word Termites when it comes to your home or commercial property. Termites can be a serious issue, especially if left unchecked for a long period of time. Unfortunately, termites thrive under homes, and in structural areas of a home where people rarely visit, leaving them to multiply and continue their destructive behavior for many years. Many times homeowners become aware they have a potential termite issue when having an inspection completed on their home, or some other type of contracted work such as crawl space work, or some other structural job.   Termite Control Services and the removal of termites can be tricky as finding all colonies, correct treatment, and consistent follow-up are essential to ensuring  these wood destroying pests are removed for good. When it comes to Termite Control Services, many property owners will search for answers to common questions around these pests.

Greenville SC Bed Bug Treatment

Bed Bugs are the types of invading pest no one wants to hear about.  Unfortunately, these home invaders conjure up old stories about dirty unkempt homes, which therefore invite these pests in.  As Bed Bug Treatment Professionals, we can help solve this problem for you.  Bed Bugs are an continuing epidemic here in the United States and have been for some time. If you have a Bed Bug outbreak, it’s almost for sure that these unwelcome pests hitched a ride home with you, or a guest, where they set-up new residence. Bed Bugs are almost impossible to get rid of yourself in Greenville, SC.  Procore Pest Control offers Bed Bug Treatment by certified experts that will get your home Bed Bug free. So before throwing away all your furniture and bedding, contact us today to schedule an individual assessment of your specific situation, along with a personalized treatment plan.

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