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Bed Bugs control service

“Don’t let the bed bugs bite” never meant so much. These little blood suckers are truly straight from our nightmares. Bed bugs were not a real problem back in the 50s-70s because of a chemical called DDT.  Then after years of treating with DDT the government along with other world countries outlawed the chemical.  So what is the best way now?  First it started with being aware that you have them.  Then you can chemically treat or heat treat bedbugs.  The U.S. Gov. was having such a time with bedbugs at war they started to study how to kill these bed bugs fast.  The answer was HEAT!  

Heating the room to at least 120 degrees showed that not only did all the bugs die but also the eggs.  As you can imagine the little bugs lay a lot of eggs and this is the reason heat works so well.  We use safe and all eletric Temp-Air Remediation for our heat treatments and fully guarrantee our work for 90 days.  This system is a one and done treatment and very little preparation work for the homeowner.  Call us today for a FREE INSPECTION.

If Heat is not an option we offer the traditional (chemical) treatments as well.  We do traditional treatments everyday and ProCore knows how to best get rid of bed bugs.  All out chemicals we use will be environmentally safe and completely safe for humans and pets (even babies).   So no matter what treatment you hire us to do we will do the job right.  Call or text us at  877-323-2847 for information or a free inspection.

We have a step by step process that we use to make sure we treat in all areas that bed bugs like to harborage. We are very successful with our treatments and always include a follow up treatment to make sure they are gone. It does require preparation on your part and our’s but we will eliminate this big problem the quickest way possible.  Before your treatment, download and complete our checklist.  

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