Event Fogging: Preventing Pesky Party Crashers

Commercial Mosquito Control

Event Fogging : Preventing Pesky Party Crashers We know how hard you work to put together that perfect event. If your wedding day is coming up and you’ve designed a beautiful outdoor setup, complete with your dream décor, carefully chosen flowers, and a painstakingly organized seating plan for the reception, the last thing you need […]

Why You Need a No-See-Ums Control Service

Why You Need a No-See-Ums Control Service in florida No-See-Ums are a common blood-sucking insect that feed on the blood of humans and animals. They are hard to see, but can be identified by their distinctive proboscis which is the long tube they use to suck blood from their victim. When there is a high […]

Effective Mosquito Control Service is vital for the Gulf Coast of Florida

Effective summertime mosquito control service is vital for the Gulf coast of florida Summertime mosquito control service is especially important this year as many people spend more time outside due to COVID-19. With 20+ years of experience, Mosquito Mist Florida is a proven team of experts at getting rid of pesky mosquitoes that can ruin […]

Mosquito Control Service

If you live along the Gulf Coast of Florida, you know that mosquitoes here are a serious problem!  Mosquitoes have a tendency of ruining outdoor fun and they also expose us to insect-borne disease. Lucky for you, Mosquito Mist Florida has you covered, offering a variety of Mosquito Control Services so that your family can […]