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To whom it may concern, I would like to take a moment to thank Mosquito Mist for the truly amazing product and equally impressive service that they provide for our club, ” Hammock Bay Golf and Country Club.”

We are about as close to the mangroves as you can get without being in the Everglades. Needless to say we had an extremely serious mosquito and no-see-um problem. During our first year of operation we had several big outdoor events that were inundated with mosquitoes and no-see-um’s to the point where members and guests would take their food and drinks and stand in the hallways of the club to eat their meal.

The task of finding a solution was given to me by the club general manager. From the first conversation I had with the Mosquito Mist representative I was sure they could make this mandate a reality. Mosquito Mist had a great reputation and a 90 day money back guarantee so I felt confident when I presented the solution to my superiors. I must say they had their reservations. No one could believe that this was a curable problem and no one thought we could get rid of 98% of the mosquitoes like they were promising. There were just too many. After presenting this to upper management the word came down to move ahead with the installation. I want to point out that the team that put this project together are some of the most professional and intelligent people I have ever worked with. They designed and installed a 750 head system that covers a 134 thousand gallon swimming pool, 3 tennis courts, 40 thousand square feet of decking and the entire Practice Range and putting green areas on time and with an attention to detail that I know will truly set them apart from any other similar misting system company.

Within the first few days of the installation there was a noticeable difference around the club. We were literally blowing millions of dead mosquitoes off the pool and deck each morning and after the first month it was if we never had a problem. Over the course of the last six months that the system has been in place we have had mosquito free outdoor events. I would recommend this company to anyone who entertains and spends time outdoors in the state of Florida, it’s TRULY AMAZING!

Thank you, Mosquito Mist!

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Mosquito Mist Team:

Thanks for all of your recent help.  The system, 1000 spray nozzles in all, has been operational for approximately 100 days and is working better than I imagined.  The complaints of mosquitoes and no-see-ums in our pool areas are virtually nonexistent.  The eco friendly chemicals that are used do not intrude into our guests enjoyment of the pools.  The comments on the scent of the chemical are positive or the guests do not notice the scent at all.

I will work hard to budget money in the future to install new systems in our guest picnic and employee lunch areas.

I just wanted to extend my gratitude to the Mosquito Mist team for all your hard work and look forward to working with you in the future.

All the Best….

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