Got Mold & Need Some Professional Help?

Moisture control service

We tend to forget that there can be problems with your home that aren’t just crawling around. Mold and high wood moisture control problems can create many issues with the environment in your home.  At ProCore Pest Control, we have many different moisture control services depending on how much of an issue exists.

The easiest fix for mild moisture issues found in the wood would be to install a moisture barrier. This poly sheeting will help control the evaporation effect of water on the ground in your crawlspace. Ventilation would be another approach. Most houses have obstructed ventilation in the crawlspace. Ensuring that there is proper ventilation will help control moisture in the air.  We also install temp control vents, power vents, dehumidifiers and more.

Mold & Moisture Control Facts

Dehumidifiers, encapsulations and french drains are used for more major moisture problems in a crawlspace. Mold remediation is a service that we can also offer. Depending on the type of mold and the activeness (higher moisture content in the wood than 18%) we would approach the control and clean up of this mold accordingly.  We only use the best dehumidifiers to save you money long term.

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