Got Fire Ants & Need Some Professional Help with Ant Control?

Ant control service

What hurts more than a fire ant bite? Twenty fire ant bites!!! That is what will happen if you are the uninvited guest in their home. Known for causing deadly injuries in animals and some people these creatures are a big dangerous problem. There are a lot of home remedies and over the counter “fixes” for them but these are not proven except in costing you money. Our Ant Control Service is to keep them away long after we initially treat for them. We can assess your yard and take the right action the first time without draining your bank account while chasing them all over the yard.

We use the 123 approach when treating your yard with our Ant Control Service:

  1.  We liquid rod all accessible mounts 
  2. We put down our bait so the worker ants will bring it down to the Queen.  (Once you kill the Queen the ant colony will die.)
  3. We use a granular or liquid to make sure more colonies can not come back on to your property for 6 months or more.  (This is our Ant Control Guarantee)

It’s safe to say that most of the human population has a general hatred of insects and creepy crawlies. Ants in particular seem to be one of the most common to infest our lives. Every crumb that hits the ground seems to attract a swarm of them in no time. Once they’ve infiltrated your home, they seem to be almost impossible to get rid of. Then, before you know it they’ve started showing up everywhere in the house, including inside cupboards and under sofas and loveseats.  For professional Ant Control, call or text us at 877-323-2847.

Fire Ant Control Facts

These ants come by their name honestly. Most ants you’ll come across are pretty harmless other than the ick factor, but Fire ants can give you quite a sting from their bite. Luckily they are not as common as the Argentine ant, since they don’t reproduce as quickly. Their relative, the Red Imported Fire ant has started popping up in the southern United States, however, and their bite is even worse.

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