Got Fleas & Need Some Professional Help?

Flea control service

As long as there has been a shaggy dog there have been fleas around to enjoy it. It is easy to spend hundreds of dollars in keeping these creatures off of your beloved pet….but….these products only keep the fleas from biting not hitching a ride into your home.

We all love our furry friends. We also know that there is nothing better for our dogs than to spend time outdoors playing and exercising. Unfortunately, being outside in Washington leaves any furry pet at risk for one of the most common pet problems – fleas. Fleas are pesky little bugs that latch onto an animal’s fur and end up in your home. These pests begin their infestation on the pet and in areas pets spend the most time, like a dog bed. They are produced by larva and begin life feeding on the feces of the adults in their nest. When they get to the pupa stage, they create a cocoon that is resistant to pesticides, where they will stay for six months. If a dog or other hot-blooded animal comes along, the cocoon attaches to the skin and goes for a ride.

After a time, the cocoon bursts, and the flea uses its sharp mouth like a straw to invade the bloodstream and get nourishment. At the same time they dig into the skin to stay protected and warm. These tiny beasts also inject an anticoagulant into the blood which prevents the blood from clotting, so that they can keep feeding without fear of the source drying up. This is what causes the itching and redness. The bites may cause allergic reactions in some people and can transmit several diseases.

Flea Control Pre-treatment checklist

Usually fleas are going to be in carpeted areas and on furniture where seemingly it is easy enough to vacuum them up or spray them down with some smelly pesticide. One problem though, what about the eggs? Our flea control service is designed to not only eliminate mommy and daddy fleas but also their precious little eggs. So ultimately you don’t have a flea problem every 2 to 3 weeks. Before your treatment, download and complete the checklist below:

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