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Clearwater is a beautiful place in Tampa Bay where people come to get sunny weather and gulf coast beaches. Clearwater Beach, on a barrier island, is a 3-mile stretch of white sand backed by hotels and restaurants. Clearwater is also home to the injured dolphins and sea turtles that are rehabilitated at the Clearwater Marine Aquarium. Also, the Phillies pro baseball team plays their spring training games the city’s Spectrum Field.

The Mosquito Mist system can be applied in a wide variety of ways. We work with commercial businesses like restaurants, hotels, sporting venues, and resorts to ensure that their outdoor spaces are comfortable and relaxed for their clientele. This can involve setting up multiple hardware spots that deliver regular scheduled misting sprays throughout the day to ensure that no mosquitoes make their way into your business’s outdoor area and spoil that laid back, classic Florida feel that you’re trying to achieve. We consult with business owners to find the system and formula that will work best for them, as well as finding an installation time and putting a plan in place to ensure that the mosquito misting system will be installed without any disturbance to the business’s clients or the work of the employees.

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Clearwater is a special place on the Gulf Coast with its beaches and other recreational opportunities. Keep it mosquito free with Mosquito Mist  941-360-1630  info@mosquitomistfl.com

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